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28.02.2024 - Τοποθέτηση στην Ολομέλεια

Νίκος Παπανδρέου (S&D). – Madam President, colleagues, I hear the calls for peace from one of the colleagues and for negotiations. But the people we’re talking about do not listen to negotiations.

And perhaps if we are a third-world country, it’s because we do not have a strong defence policy. Something happened recently and that is called Ukraine. Did we shake our paralysis? Did we wake up for a new voice? Are we changing, building a new Europe? Yes.

In that distant and also close Ukraine, we show that when we want, we can support our ideals. However, the world still doubts us. They doubt us because of our response or absence of response to the destruction of Palestine, to the Kurds in Syria, to Armenia and Central Africa.

And if Trump wins, as Javi López said, we need to have our own defence policy because the umbrella of protection will be full of holes. At some point, we have to give our citizens the sense that Europe can protect its own borders from aggressors.

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