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12.03.2024 - Τοποθέτηση στην Ολομέλεια

Nikos Papandreou (S&D). – Mr President, Madam Commissioner, there are two arguments that we have here: one is the purely economic argument about the financial consequences of Russia dumping on the European market. That is one reason we want the embargo, because we want to stop financing the machine in the Kremlin. The other argument, which I fully support, is value—based. Let’s drop the economic argument. Are we going to fight this war? Are we going to do what we can in Europe to stop the aggressor?

We need to form, in the next term, a trade policy that includes geopolitical circumstances and human rights. This is the opportunity to form a holistic policy for Europe that will automatically put sanctions on any aggressor. That’s why I support the sanctions.

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